Monday, July 20, 2009

Day five of the Tress RV experience found us leaving Green Valley, Wyoming headed for the Grand Teton National Forest.
After climbing into the mountains the rest of the drive was just straight along the top of the high plains. Mostly fields of various tints of green and an occasional alpine meadow full of wondrous flowers with iridescent like colors. They looked like tie dye shirted peaceniks swaying to the music of the wind.
The Tetons are spectacular and remain dotted with glaciers that seem to be shrinking.
I couldn't help wonder why we bother to travel. What do we expect to find?
I think, perhaps, more proof of the splendor of spirit, the human spirit in connection with the spirit of the universe.
With every new mountain, every new field field, every new color, new flower, new animal we chance to encounter we are flaunted with eternal energy, infinite being, to which each of us brings a spirit unlike any other in the universe and without which the universe can't exist.
Many of us believe ourselves to be creatures of little merit.
Toward that end Peggy and I have resurrected our " Book Of Firsts". In it we record all the "firsts" we do each and every day.
Start one and see how quickly the pages fill. Perhaps you'll begin to see just how magnificent a creature you are.

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Mary Straub said...

So beautiful! Brings tears of joy and remembrance of my own experience of the magnificent Tetons on mine and Phil's 25th wedding anniversary trip 13 years ago. Thanks for the eloquent and glorious reminder!