Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today we left for Colorado at 6:30 AM. We once again entered Yellowstone through the west entrance and, once again, met up with Family Bison. Only this time because of the early start there were only four cars on the road so no delays. But, we did get to see the Bison family up close and personal. They just do their thing. Good for them.
After many delays due to roadwork construction we exited the park and headed for Dubois, Wyoming. The Wind River has carved a splendid canyon just outside of Dubois that extends for miles. The canyon is narrow and small but full of an array of iridescent reds, crimsons, and various tints of purple. It was very reminiscent of the red rock canyons of Sedona, Arizona.
The drive to Colorado Springs was through a high plain valley mostly consisting of rolling fields with an occasional outcropping of shaded rocks.
Today was a day for driving and contemplation. The images of the Geyser valley in Yellowstone got me thinking about what the earth might have been like during the roaming of the dinosaurs. Which got me thinking about how life has changed which got me to thinking about how life has remained the same which got me to thinking about why we're here which got me to thinking about shutting up, letting go and just being.
So, just like Mr. and Mrs. Bison and children I think I'll enjoy the rest of the evening and tomorrow just being with my son and family.

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Peggy Treiber & Jeremy Hess said...

and enjoy Jeremy did. he stayed up til almost 2 with Josh! and i laughed out loud at his blog about thinking. this man is right: he thinks too much!